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Deprecation Announcement
This release of the Coherence Incubator is now deprecated. Apart from necessary emergency fixes, no future enhancements will be made to this release. For the latest supported release, please refer to the Coherence Incubator Project on java.net at http://cohinc.java.net.

The Coherence Incubator


The Coherence Incubator hosts a repository of projects providing example implementations for commonly used design patterns, system integration solutions, distributed computing concepts and other artifacts designed to enable rapid delivery of solutions to potentially complex business challenges built using or based on Oracle Coherence.

Example implementations are provided in both binary and source formats, typically with extensive documentation.

Quick Links

Coherence Incubator Examples
Multi-Site Auction Demo
Building the Coherence Incubator Projects
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Get Involved
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Coherence Common (Version 1.7.3)
Provides a library of commonly used classes. Used by almost all Incubator projects.

Processing Pattern (Version 1.3.3)
Provides an extensible framework for performing distributed computing with Coherence.

Command Pattern (Version 2.7.3)
Provides a distributed implementation of the classic Command Pattern.

Functor Pattern (Version 1.4.3)
Provides a distributed implementation of the classic Functor Pattern.

Messaging Pattern (Version 2.7.3)
Provides a simple framework for Store and Forward Messaging.

Push Replication Pattern (Version 3.0.3)
Provides a powerful framework for pushing (publishing) cache entries to multiple devices (including other clusters separated by WANs).

Coherence Incubator Examples (Version 1.2.3)
Provides prepackaged examples for all the major Incubator projects including those for the Push Replication Pattern

Current Project Structure

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