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Deprecation Announcement
This release of the Coherence Incubator is now deprecated. For the latest supported release, help and documentation, please refer to the Coherence Incubator Project on at

The Coherence Incubator Examples: Push Replication Pattern Examples
Examples for using Push Replication.

Building the Push Replication Examples

Prior to running the Push Replication example you'll need to build it. Before starting you'll want to make sure that you've set the JAVA_HOME and COHERENCE_HOME variables in your shell. Once done to build the example you use the Ant script:

ant build
Deployment Model

The following set of examples illustrate how to configure and run each of the currently supported deployment models for push replication. Note that these examples are designed to run on a single system. They can be updated and modified to run on distinct systems by modifying the host names in the cache configurations for each individual example:

Release Version: Version
Release Date: October 31, 2012
Coherence Version: 3.7.1+
Target Platforms: Java Standard Edition 6+
Dependencies: Coherence Common
Command Pattern
Functor Pattern
Messaging Pattern
Event Distribution Pattern
Push Replication Pattern

* Previous releases are available from the attachments page

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