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Deprecation Announcement
This release of the Coherence Incubator is now deprecated. For the latest supported release, help and documentation, please refer to the Coherence Incubator Project on at

The Coherence CohClipse Project
An incubator project for Eclipse IDE-based Coherence tools. 


The Cohclipse project aims to incubate a number of tooling concepts, based around Eclipse Plug-Ins, designed the simplify the development process when using Oracle Coherence. In this initial release the focus is on providing tools to automate serialization code generation when using Portable Object Format (POF), but additionally supports ExternalizableLite style serialization.

The code generation approach was inspired by the well known “Generate Equals and Hashcode” functionality within Eclipse. Under-the-hood this plugin uses the AST provided by Eclipse JDT to introspect, manipulate and generate appropriate serialization implementations.

Feature Set
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ExternalizableLite Serialization Support:
CohClipse supports the original Coherence Serialization format ExternalizableLite. This allows developers using this serialization format to generate necessary code easing the use of creating necessary code in accordance with best practices such as use of ExternalizableHelper.

PortableObject Serialization Support:
Provides generation of PortableObject#readExternal and PortableObject#writeExternal based on the attributes chosen and their order. Additionally this will expose a number of POF index constants as integer constants that allowing for their use in PofExtractors or PofUpdaters. These indexes conform to a predictable naming convention hence can be relied upon by client code in the case of regeneration.

EvolvablePortableObject Serialization Support:
Object Evolvability is a required concept in distributed systems that require supporting multiple versions of the same object. Whilst this contract should be understood by the developer and this project does not enforce conformance or provide any intelligence in determining breach of the contract it does support providing the core components in starting the journey to compliance.

External PortableObject Serialization Support:
PortableObject provides two mechanisms in conforming to the POF standard; implementing PortableObject or creating your own PofSerializer. The later is often used when the domain objects require maintaining strict independence of the Coherence API hence its support being essential. This mechanism allows generating the appropriate serializer class and method contents for an object to be known and describable in terms of PortableObject.

Release Version: Version
Release Date: May 27, 2011
Coherence Version:
Target Platforms: Java Standard Edition 6+
Dependencies: Eclipse 3.6.0+
MD5: 8628c8136d22a0e61dedbef819703f1f
Source and
Java Doc:
MD5: 8b0030e7f2abb74e0ceed9b15c2cbde9
MD5: 9f68c2484b1bee404085cc7ad10b6e81

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