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Deprecation Announcement
This release of the Coherence Incubator is now deprecated. For the latest supported release, help and documentation, please refer to the Coherence Incubator Project on java.net at http://cohinc.java.net.

The Coherence Incubator (Release 10)

The Coherence Incubator hosts a collection of example projects demonstrating advanced uses of Oracle Coherence.

The projects consist of a collection of common utilities, software pattern examples, third-party integration examples, and/or example distributed computing solutions that of which may use be used as-is or in-part for inclusion into your projects. Binary and source formats are provided to aid in your adoption, use and understanding.


The following projects are available in the Coherence Incubator.

Coherence Common (Version 2.3.0)
Provides a collection of utility packages and classes commonly used to support the implementation of other Incubator projects.
Command Pattern (Version 2.8.4)
Provides a distributed implementation of the classic Command Pattern.
Functor Pattern (Version 1.5.4)
Provides a distributed implementation of the classic Functor Pattern.
Processing Pattern (Version 1.4.4)
Provides an mechanism to perform distributed grid computing with Coherence.
Messaging Pattern (Version 2.8.6)
Provides a simple implementation of Store and Forward Messaging.
Event Distribution Pattern (Version 1.2.2)
Provides a mechanism to distribute application events over multiple channels. Core infrastructure for the Push Replication Pattern, but may be used directly with in applications for local or global event distribution.
Push Replication Pattern (Version 4.0.7)
Provides a mechanism to replicate cache entry events to other clusters and devices (including other clusters separated by WANs).
Coherence Incubator Examples (Version 1.3.4)
Provides a collection of examples for the Incubator Patterns.
Coherence CohClipse (Version 1.0.0)
An incubator project for Eclipse IDE-based Coherence tools.


The Coherence Incubator screencasts.

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