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QueryExample runs sample queries for contacts.

The purpose of this example is to show how to create Extractors on cache data and how to create a KeyExtractor for the cache keys. It also illustrates how to use the indexes to filter the dataset in order to efficiently create a matching set. Finally, the example demonstrates how to use some of the built-in cache aggregators to do simple computational tasks on the cache data. A subset of the code is shown below.

The example output is large due to 10,000 contacts and several queries. A sample of the query for Massachusetts residents:

MA Residents
ConverterEntry{Key="John Scqngqda", Value="John Scqngqda
Home: 265 Beacon St.

Oaskxm, MA 88259
Work: Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems
330 Lectroid Rd.
Grover's Mill, OK 95744
Phone Numbers
work: +11 88 903 8991283
home: +11 98 553 5878221
Birth Date: 1960-01-03"}

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