31 May 2012 - London, UK

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May 31st 2012, London, UK

London Coherence Special Interest Group (LCSIG)
Date: Time: Where:
Thursday - May, 31, 2012 10:00 - 17:45 Oracle Office - Level 6
1 South Place, London, United Kingdom, EC2 M2RB
Closest Tubes:
Moorgate Station
Liverpool Street Station
(< 5 mins walk)
  Track 1   Track 2  
10:00 Registration and coffee   Registration and coffee  
10:30 Introductions and update
Dave Felcey (Oracle) 
Introductions and update Dave Felcey (Oracle)
10:45 Groovy Coherence - Yeah Baby!
Jonathan Knight (RBS) Domain-Driven Design for the Grid

This talk will discuss how the Domain-Driven Design architecture style must adapt for caching domain models in Coherence, treating topics like Object/Cache Mapping, serialisation granularity, transactionality, and the related consequences of those higher-level decisions.
Randy Stafford (Oracle)
11:30 Coherence, Spring and Maven Integration 
Jon Hall (Oracle) Shadow MVCC For Oracle Coherence

An open source MVCC implementation providing scalable transaction management and bi-temporal access
David Whitmarsh
12:15 Lunch & Networking   Lunch & Networking  
13:15 CacheStore Lore

The ins and outs of DB integration 
Phil Wheeler (Credit Suisse) None
14:00 Another take on Queuing Systems in Coherence 
Andrew Wilson (Oracle) Incubator Update
Brian Oliver (Oracle)
14:45 POF Secrets and Tips
Harvey Raja (Oracle)
Large Clusters – Management and lessons learnt 
Christoph Leinemann and Raj Subramani
15:30 Break   Break  
16:00 An Overview of Oracle Cloud Control 12c (OEM) for Coherence
Madhav Sathe (Oracle)
Database backed Coherence cache, tips, tricks and patterns

Oracle Coherence has excellent built-in read-through, write-through and write-behind capabilities. But these features have a handful of hidden traps. This presentation is about efficient usage of CacheStore based caches. In this presentation, I’m going elaborate detail of iteration between cache service and CacheStore, present couple of general patterns (e.g. preloading and self healing) and share a lot of small tricks.
Alexey Ragozin
16:45 Oracle Complex Event Processing Engine (CEP). What is it an how can it be used with Coherence. 

Andy Piper (Oracle) Coherence Failure Recovery Performance
Randy Stafford (Oracle)
17:30 AOB & Close   AOB & Close  

** Note: Click on presentations to see slides - after the event. **

Call For Speakers
The LCSIG is looking for speakers. Do you have an interesting Coherence implementation you can show or discuss? Please let us know if you're interested in speaking or if there is a topic you would like to see presented at our next meeting.


Register here (http://www.ukoug.org/events/ukoug-coherence-sig1/).
Registration is required for building security.

Contact LCSIG with any comments or questions.

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