24 June 2009 - New York, NY

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Wednesday, June 24th

New York Coherence Special Interest Group (NYCSIG)
Date: Wednesday - June 24, 2009
Time: 5:30pm - 8:00pm EDT
Where: Oracle Office
Room 30076
520 Madison Avenue
30th Floor
New York, NY
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Closest Subways: Lexington Ave - 53rd St Station - (E, V)
5th Ave - 53rd St Station - (E, V)
51st St Station - (4, 6)
Time What Detail Who
5:30 Open Pizza & Refreshments  
5:45 Welcome Welcome to the NYCSIG & Introductions. Craig Blitz - Oracle
5:50 Presentation Using Oracle Coherence in .NET Environment Timur Fanshteyn
6:35 Presentation Coherence Incubator Update Noah Arliss - Oracle
7:20 Presentation Coherence*Extend Internals Jason Howes - Oracle
8:00 Close Next Meeting Outline & Announcements Craig Blitz - Oracle
Presentation Abstracts
Using Oracle Coherence in .NET Environment
Timur Fanshteyn (speaker bio) Technology Manager
Oracle Coherence can be successfully used in a Microsoft Window and .NET Environment. It can be a excellent media for connecting .Net and Java applications. It can provide .NET applications with a caching solution in front of a database server. It can even be used to provide real-time data to the desktop clients. All with minimum or possible no java coding.
The presentation will go through requirements of setting up Coherence .NET Client. Go through use cases and point out some limitations. We will focus on general data caching, object serialization (through POF), event notifications and LINQ to coherence.
Coherence Incubator Update
Noah Arliss (speaker bio) Senior Software Engineer (Oracle)
The Coherence Incubator hosts innovative example implementations for commonly used design patterns, system integration solutions, distributed computing concepts and other artifacts designed to enable rapid delivery of solutions to potentially complex business challenges built using or based on Oracle Coherence.
This talk provides an update on new and upcoming Incubator functionality, including
  • New push replication functionality - filtered replication, improved batching, coalescing of updates
  • Command, Functor and Messaging Pattern - Support for extend and Command Batches.
  • Sneak Peek of upcoming functionality - Processing Pattern and Task Execution Pattern
Coherence*Extend Internals
Jason Howes (speaker bio) Consulting Member Technical Staff (Oracle)
Coherence*Extend extends the reach of the core Coherence TCMP cluster to a wider range of consumers, including desktops, remote servers, C++/.Net clients and machines located across WAN connections. Typical uses of Coherence*Extend include providing desktop applications with access to Coherence caches (including support for Near Cache and Continuous Query) and Coherence cluster "bridges" that link together multiple Coherence clusters connected via a high-latency, unreliable WAN.
This talk provides a unique look at the internals of the Extend implementation from one of Coherence's core developers. Starting with the internal Coherence messaging API, Jason will go on to discuss such topics as connection and channel lifecycles, the TCP initiator/acceptor implementation, the CacheService, NamedService, and InvocationService protocols, and the ProxyService implementation.
Call For Speakers
The NYCSIG is looking for speakers. Do you have an interesting Coherence implementation you can show or discuss? Please let us know if you're interested in speaking or if there is a topic you would like to see presented at our next meeting.


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