16 Feb 2012 - Redwood Shores, CA

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February 16, 2012

LOCATION Coherence Special Interest Group (BACSIG)
Date: February 16, 2012
Time: 5:30pm PT for 5:45pm start
Where: Oracle Conference Center
350 Oracle Parkway
Room 102
Redwood Shores, CA
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Time What Detail Who
5:30 Open Snacks & Refreshments  
5:45 Welcome Welcome to the BACSIG & Introductions. Reza Shafii - Oracle
6:00 Presentation Introducing the Coherence GoldenGate Adapter Shaun Smith - Oracle
7:00 Presentation Atomic Partition-level Transactions Robert Lee - Oracle
8:00 Presentation Transforming Coherence Visibility - Performance Insight with Enterprise Manager Madhav Sathe - Oracle
9:00 Close Next Meeting Outline and Announcements Reza Shafii - Oracle
Presentation Abstracts
Introducing the Coherence GoldenGate Adapter
Shaun Smith (speaker bio) Principal Product Manager (Oracle)
Customers adopting Coherence frequently face the challenge that data obtained from enterprise databases may be updated by other applications rendering cache contents stale. Historically, this problem has been addressed through pessimistic strategies like cache expiry which result in an increased load on the database, even when data is unchanged. This talk presents a sneak peak at the Coherence GoldenGate Adapter, currently in development, that will provide an efficient and low latency solution to the problem of stale caches. It will propagate database changes into the Coherence cache as they happen, no polling and no reprocessing of unchanged data. Shaun will introduce the Coherence GoldenGate Adapter, describe its architecture and the technologies that are involved, and provide a demo showing how a pre-existing Coherence application can leverage the adapter without having to change a single line of code.
Atomic Partition-level Transactions
Robert Lee (speaker bio) Lead Engineer (Oracle)
The Coherence programming model has evolved over time from a simple client-side get/put request model, to include event-driven listeners, and finally to include server-side programming via EntryProcessors. This presentation will outline the power of server-side programming with the recently enhanced capabilities and semantics of atomic partition-level transactions and show how to leverage these "lite" transactions to perform atomic, read-consistent operations across multiple data entries, with minimal contention.
Transforming Coherence Visibility - Performance Insight with Enterprise Manager
Madhav Sathe (speaker bio) Principal Product Manager (Oracle)
Enterprise Manager is Oracle's comprehensive management and monitoring solution. Using Enterprise Manager, administrators can manage their entire application stack and perform administrative tasks such as configuration management, lifecycle management, and more from a central console. From a Coherence stand-point, the performance and throughput of Coherence cluster members and caches directly affects the quality of service of Coherence applications. Enterprise Manager 12c provides deep visibility into all performance aspects of Coherence clusters and provides features which simplify their life-cycle management . In this session, Madhav will provide an overview of the latest Coherence management capabilities of Enterprise Manager 12c which was released at Oracle Open World 2011.
Call For Speakers
The BACSIG is looking for speakers. Do you have an interesting Coherence implementation you can show or discuss? Please let us know if you're interested in speaking or if there is a topic you would like to see presented at our next meeting.


Please email the BACSIG to register for this event.

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