15 Apr 2010 - New York, NY

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Thursday, April 15th

New York Coherence Special Interest Group (NYCSIG)
Date: Thursday - April 15, 2010
Time: 5:30pm - 8:00pm EDT
Where: Oracle Office
Room 30076
520 Madison Avenue
30th Floor
New York, NY
Google Map
Closest Subways: Lexington Ave - 53rd St Station - (E, V)
5th Ave - 53rd St Station - (E, V)
51st St Station - (4, 6)
Time What Detail Who
5:30 Open Pizza & Refreshments  
5:45 Welcome Welcome to the NYCSIG & Introductions. Craig Blitz - Oracle
5:45 Presentation DaaS Cloud - Lining your Cloud with Data Craig Blitz - Oracle
6:30 Presentation Advanced Features of Oracle Coherence 3.5 Gene Gleyzer - Oracle
7:15 Presentation More Coherence War Stories Patrick Peralta - Oracle
8:00 Close Next Meeting Outline & Announcements Craig Blitz - Oracle
Presentation Abstracts
DaaS Cloud - Lining your Cloud with Data
Craig Blitz (speaker bio) Senior Principal Product Manager (Oracle)
Organizations embracing Cloud Computing are quickly realizing how Data Grid technology can solve many of the challenges associated from running applications on distributed shared infrastructure across the globe. From hosting data as a service, sharing application state across applications, parallel processing of transactions, events and messages, Data Grids provide the perfect combination of extensibility, reliability and performance needed to meet the demands of Cloud Computing. This session will map the evolution of Data Grid technology and how it is being successfully integrated into Cloud Computing.
Advanced Features of Oracle Coherence 3.5
Dr. Gene Gleyzer (speaker bio) Architect (Oracle)
Dr. Gene Gleyzer is the Architect at Oracle responsible for the design of the Oracle Coherence product line. Prior to joining Oracle, Dr. Gleyzer was one of the founders and the CTO of Tangosol. In this talk, Dr. Gleyzer will discuss several advanced Coherence topics including using Coherence in advanced frameworks and containers (WebLogic Server, OSGI, Spring), the Service Guradian, Partitioned Backing Maps, Partition Events, and other miscellaneous topics.
More Coherence War Stories
Patrick Peralta (speaker bio) Senior Software Engineer (Oracle)
Come listen to battle stories about tackling challenges in real production environments with real customers (who lived happily ever after.) We will discuss Coherence operational best practices to avoid production issues and what to do if (when?) issues arise.
Call For Speakers
The NYCSIG is looking for speakers. Do you have an interesting Coherence implementation you can show or discuss? Please let us know if you're interested in speaking or if there is a topic you would like to see presented at our next meeting.


Registration is required for building security.
The registration process has changed for the NYCSIG.

Please email the NYCSIG to register for this event.

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A Free Copy of the new book by Aleksander Seovic "Oracle Coherence 3.5" will be raffled off at the next meeting!


Contact NYCSIG with any comments or questions.

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