Coherence*Web and WebLogic Portal

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As with other WebLogic Server applications, all the information and instructions in Coherence*Web and WebLogic Server apply deploying Coherence*Web with WebLogic Portal. Please read the Coherence*Web and WebLogic Server page before proceeding. It give much needed context to the information below.

The following additional steps need to be followed when installing Coherence*Web with WebLogic Portal applications:

  1. Install the required WebLogic Patch (refer to the Required Patch Levels Matrix for the correct Patch ID) and start a cache server using steps 1-3 in the following instructions.
  2. Copy the coherence.jar (included in Coherence 3.5) into the APP-INF\lib of the portal enterprise application.
  3. If you wish to use the Coherence P13N CacheProvider, also copy the coherence-wlp.jar into the APP-INF\lib of the portal enterprise application.
  4. If you wish to define the Coherence P13N CacheProvider as the default cache provider, add the following element before the first <cache> element to the META-INF\p13n-cache-config.xml of the portal enterprise application:

  5. Reference coherence-web-spi.war via a library-reference in the WEB-INF\weblogic.xml of the portal web application:

  6. To enable Coherence*Web sessions, set the application-param coherence-web-sessions-enabled to true in WEB-INF\web.xml of the portal web application:

  7. Create an EAR of the application using Workshop's EAR deployment. This EAR is what will be deployed to the cluster.
  8. In the portal domain, first deploy coherence-web-spi.war as a library to the cluster.
  9. In the portal domain, deploy the application EAR to the cluster.
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