Cache Configuration Elements

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This section provides a listing of the elements that can be used in a cache configuration. In addition, it describes the deployment descriptor file in which they appear.

This section contains the following information:

Cache Configuration Deployment Descriptor

Use the cache configuration deployment descriptor to specify the various types of caches which can be used within a cluster. For information on configuring cluster communication, and services see the operational descriptor section.

Document Location

The name and location of the descriptor is specified in the operational deployment descriptor and defaults to coherence-cache-config.xml. The default configuration descriptor (packaged in coherence.jar) will be used unless a custom one is found within the application's classpath. It is recommended that all nodes within a cluster use identical cache configuration descriptors.

Document Root

The root element of the configuration descriptor is cache-config. This is where you may begin configuring your caches.

Document Format

The Cache Configuration descriptor should begin with the following DOCTYPE declaration:

When deploying Coherence into environments where the default character set is EBCDIC rather than ASCII, make sure that this descriptor file is in ASCII format and is deployed into its runtime environment in the binary format.

Command Line Override

Oracle Coherence provides a powerful Command Line Setting Override Feature, which allows any element defined in this descriptor to be overridden from the Java command line if it has a system-property attribute defined in the descriptor.


See the sample cache configurations for usage examples.

Element Index

The following table lists all non-terminal elements which may be used from within a cache configuration.

Element Used In:
acceptor-config proxy-scheme
async-store-manager external-scheme, paged-external-scheme
authorized-hosts tcp-acceptor
backup-storage distributed-scheme
bdb-store-manager external-scheme, paged-external-scheme, async-store-manager
cache-config root element
cache-mapping caching-scheme-mapping
cache-service-proxy proxy-config
caching-scheme-mapping cache-config
caching-schemes cache-config
class-scheme caching-schemes, local-scheme, distributed-scheme, replicated-scheme, optimistic-scheme, near-scheme, overflow-scheme, read-write-backing-map-scheme, cachestore-scheme, listener
cachestore-scheme local-scheme, read-write-backing-map-scheme
custom-store-manager external-scheme, paged-external-scheme, async-store-manager
disk-scheme caching-schemes
distributed-scheme caching-schemes, near-scheme, overflow-scheme
external-scheme caching-schemes, distributed-scheme, replicated-scheme, optimistic-scheme, near-scheme, overflow-scheme, read-write-backing-map-scheme
init-param init-params
init-params class-scheme
initiator-config remote-cache-scheme, remote-invocation-scheme
invocation-scheme caching-schemes
jms-acceptor acceptor-config
jms-initiator initiator-config
key-associator distributed-scheme
key-partitioning distributed-scheme
lh-file-manager external-scheme, paged-external-scheme, async-store-manager
listener local-scheme, disk-scheme, external-scheme, paged-external-scheme, distributed-scheme, replicated-scheme, optimistic-scheme, near-scheme, overflow-scheme, read-write-backing-map-scheme
local-scheme caching-schemes, distributed-scheme, replicated-scheme, optimistic-scheme, near-scheme, overflow-scheme, read-write-backing-map-scheme
near-scheme caching-schemes
nio-file-manager external-scheme, paged-external-scheme, async-store-manager
nio-memory-manager external-scheme, paged-external-scheme, async-store-manager
operation-bundling cachestore-scheme, distributed-scheme, remote-cache-scheme
optimistic-scheme caching-schemes, near-scheme, overflow-scheme
outgoing-message-handler acceptor-config, initiator-config
overflow-scheme caching-schemes, distributed-scheme, replicated-scheme, optimistic-scheme, read-write-backing-map-scheme
paged-external-scheme caching-schemes, distributed-scheme, replicated-scheme, optimistic-scheme, near-scheme, overflow-scheme, read-write-backing-map-scheme
proxy-config proxy-scheme
proxy-scheme caching-schemes
read-write-backing-map-scheme caching-schemes, distributed-scheme, replicated-scheme, optimistic-scheme
remote-cache-scheme cachestore-scheme, caching-schemes, near-scheme
remote-invocation-scheme caching-schemes
replicated-scheme caching-schemes, near-scheme, overflow-scheme
serializer initiator-config, acceptor-config, distributed-scheme, replicated-scheme, optimistic-scheme, invocation-scheme
tcp-acceptor acceptor-config
tcp-initiator initiator-config
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