Coherence*Web Session Management Module

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What is Coherence*Web?

Coherence*Web is an HTTP session management module dedicated to managing session state in clustered environments. Built on top of Oracle Coherence, Coherence*Web:

  • Enables session sharing and management across different web applications, domains and heterogeneous application servers;
  • Brings Coherence data grid's data scalability, availability, reliability and performance to in-memory session management and storage;
  • Supports multiple advanced session models which define how the session state is physically managed, serialized and deserialized in the cluster;



Using Coherence*Web with WebLogic Server and WebLogic Portal

Starting with Coherence 3.4.2, Coherence*Web integrates with WebLogic Server 10.3 and WebLogic Portal 10.3 using the native WebLogic session management SPI (starting with Coherence 3.4.2 Patch2 the SPI-based Coherence*Web installation approach is also available for WebLogic Server and WebLogic Portal 9.2 MP1). The result of this tighter integration with WebLogic is simplified installation and deployment that no longer requires application instrumentation (via the WebInstaller).

Coherence*Web and WebLogic Server describes the SPI-based WebLogic Server implementation of Coherence*Web in more detail.

Coherence*Web and WebLogic Portal describes the SPI-based WebLogic Portal implementation of Coherence*Web in more detail.

Coherence*Web and Other Application Servers

For earlier versions of WebLogic Server, as well as for a number of other third-party application servers, Coherence*Web provides a generic installer that transparently instruments your web applications.

Installing Coherence*Web Using the WebInstaller describes implementation of Coherence*Web with WebInstaller in more detail.

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